Health Practitioner Training

Become a trained teacher in Natural Fertility Education with a three-day ACM endorsed course by leading academic and specialist in natural fertility education, Dr Kerry Hampton. Our courses equip health practitioners with skills to assist couples achieve and avoid pregnancy naturally. Learn more about each program below.  

  • (Introductory) Foundations of Natural Fertility Education©
  • (Advanced) Advanced Practice in Natural Fertility Education©
You will learn how to:
  • Deliver personalised fertility awareness care to your patients
  • Support couples to achieve and avoid pregnancy naturally
  • Support couples to adopt proven lifestyles for fertility health and conceiving naturally and with assisted fertility treatment
The course consists of 3 parts and CPD hours apply:

Participants can complete all 3 parts or only the parts that best suit their needs

  • Part 1: Foundations of Natural Fertility Education – 18 CPD hours
  • Part 2: Assignment: Foundations of Natural Fertility Education – 120 CPD hours
  • Part 3: Advanced Practice in Natural Fertility Education – 18 CPD hours
  • Total CPD Hours – 156
The course is conducted virtually and international registrants are welcomed

One week before it starts registrants will receive:

  • A Dropbox link for all course materials
  • A Zoom link for all three days of the course

Course registration and payment

Please register using the online registration form. Payment can be made by EFT (Wise Woman Business: NAB, BSB-083166, Account Number-52920 8370) or credit card. For international EFT, pay in AUD$ – Swift code: nataau3303m and address: 566 Burke Rd, Camberwell, VICTORIA, Australia 3124

    Foundations of Natural Fertility Education©

    Supporting women to achieve and avoid pregnancy throughout reproductive life


    A copy of your registration will be sent to your email address where it can be printed and saved.

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    I am making a deposit (minimum deposit is $50.00) or Part1 : payment in full ($975.00 (students and first-year graduates $955.00) of $ or Part2 : payment in full ($225.00 (paid on submission with assignment - students, and first-year graduates $205.00) of $ by credit card or direct debit. Cheques are payable to Wise Woman Business. Direct debit details are: Wise Woman Business NAB, BSB 083 166, Account number 52920 8370
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    The presenters:
    • Dr Kerry Hampton, a nurse/midwife specialist in natural fertility education
    • Ms Jacqui Berry, a naturopath specialist in reproductive health, will co-host Part 2
    Future course dates

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    Who is the course designed for?

    Course participants come from a diversity of primary care, sexual health, and health education fields, including:

    • Family Planning
    • Well Women’s Health
    • Sexual And Reproductive Health
    • Assisted Fertility Services
    • Midwifery
    • Maternal And Child Health
    • Lactation Consultancy
    • Doula
    • Refugee Health
    • School Health, Youth Work
    • Pharmacy
    • Intellectual Disability
    • Childbirth Education
    • General Practice
    • Menstrual Cycle Coach
    • Health Coach
    • Naturopathy
    • Homeopathy
    • Acupuncture
    • Chiropractic
    • Nutrition
    • Massage Therapy
    • Reflexology

    Foundations of Natural Fertility Education©

    Supporting couples to achieve and avoid pregnancy naturally

    Dates   Three consecutive Sundays, July 10, 17 & 24, 2022
    Times   9.00am – 4.30pm
    Where   Online using Zoom (Canberra/Melbourne/Sydney Australia AEDT)
    Cost   Part 1: $975.00 (students and first-year graduates $955.00)


    Part 2: $225.00 (paid on submission with assignment – students, and first-year graduates $205.00)

        In the Foundations of Natural Fertility Education, you will develop the knowledge and skills to teach fertility charting for contraception and conceiving in all menstrual cycle situations from menarche to menopause. Interactive activities include fertility charting practice starting with normal variations of the monthly menstrual cycle and progressing to the more complex such as those affected by stress, breastfeeding, being over or under healthy weight, polycystic ovarian syndrome, and premature ovarian failure.


    Registered health care participants who satisfactorily complete this 3-day course and the assignment which it is based on the topics covered in the 3-day course, can advertise themselves as a Trained Teacher in the Foundations of Natural Fertility Education. Participants have 6 months to complete and the assignment and will supported in two participant Zoom sessions leading up to the submission date.

    Advanced Practice in Natural Fertility Education©

    Proven Lifestyles for Fertility Health and Conceiving

    Dates   Three consecutive Sundays, October 2, 9 &16, 2022.
    Times   9.00am – 4.30pm
    Where   Online using Zoom (Canberra/Melbourne/Sydney Australia AEDT)
    Cost   Part 3: $975.00 (students and first-year graduates $955.00)
        In the Advanced Practice in Natural Fertility Education, you will learn how to combine motivational interviewing for improvements in lifestyle with fertility charting, and apply the principles of “cumulative probability of pregnancy” to assist your patients to optimize planned natural conceptions.


    The latest evidence on how life exposures (e.g., diet, exercise, stress, alcohol, sleep hygiene and smoking relating) impact fertility health are presented. Motivational interviewing is practiced using real case studies.

    What participants have said

    Attending your course has changed my practice. I have helped many couples to conceive sometimes after many years of infertility by following the clear and simple steps you have outlined. 

    Fantastic and easy to implement information for all women I see wanting to get pregnant. Highly relevant to my field of clinical practice. I found this course very consolidating.

    One of the greatest things about this course was the practicalities of the information and the examples to take into clinical practice immediately.

    The evidence-based approach was thoroughly impressive.

    Every aspect of this comprehensive course is presented clearly and concisely.

    I thoroughly enjoyed this course. It was extremely informative, interactive and a comfortable learning environment.

    This course was exceptional. I learned new skills and enjoyed every moment of it.

    The course and the assignment have helped me in almost every aspect of my work as a women’s health nurse working with newly arrived refugee women.

    Kerry is a kind, respectful and compassionate teacher.

    This was the best courses I’ve ever done.

    Great to have such exposure to up-to-date research on how lifestyles and can impact fertility.

    Thoroughly enjoyable. The content was excellent, detailed, and perfectly aimed for my needs.

    So helpful. Loved the way the information was presented.

    The assignment was terrific. It really helped me to consolidate my knowledge and confidence for implementing fertility consultations and charting in my practice.  

    Great course – has given me a lot of direction on how to structure fertility consultations.

    I particularly loved learning about motivational interviewing so patients can take more responsibility for their decisions.


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