Dr Kerry Hampton

RN, RM, Family Planning Certificate, Sexual and Reproductive Health Certificate, Grad Dip (Health Education), MA (Women’s Studies), PhD

I am a nurse and midwife specialist in fertility awareness with many years’ experience.

I provide comprehensive fertility awareness programs tailored to individual needs. These include:

  • Conceive naturally.  This program combines fertility charting with individualized health and lifestyle advice for a pregnancy and best health outcomes for parents and their children.
  • Hormone-free contraception. This program focuses on fertility charting to accurately identify the fertile and non-fertile days of the menstrual cycle. It can also include use of barrier methods such as a diaphragm.

I am a co-author and presenter of the Comprehensive Course in Natural Fertility Education©. This is an endorsed practitioner training program by the Australian College of Midwives (ACM).

All consultations and training programs are conducted online using the Zoom platform.

Click here to see a list of my publications.